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1. A REALLY bad case of multicolored diarrhea.
A: Dude, I totally couldn't sleep last night.
B: Why?
A: I had anal vomit for like three hours. My bathroom's destroyed.
B: Is that why you're walking like a cowboy?
A: No... *cough*
by Cola J March 18, 2008
Term used to describe sex between people that hate one other. Extercourse in is no way related to make up sex.
1: "You stupid bitch, you popped my car tires!"
2: "Well you killed my dog, faggot!"
(spontaneous extercourse engages)
by Cola J March 12, 2008
A comical, or otherwise misconceptive name for a penis.
"Put ching in your mouth."
by Cola J March 12, 2008

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