4 definitions by Coke man

Racist Against Fat People Club.
An Organization of people who don't like fat people, so they either not include them or make fun of them.
Scott is a part of the R.A.F.P Club. He hangs out with the whole group at lunch.
by Coke man May 07, 2008
A man who grows up to become child molester. He will most likely target boys under the age of 13 and girls at any age.
That boy will be an Aderman when he grows up. He will be on Catch a predator.
by Coke man May 06, 2008
a pizza with an over load of parmesan cheese that looks as if you dumped a pound of cocaine on your pizza.
Get me a coke pizza.
by Coke man May 02, 2008
Dick Obsession Disorder. When some talks about the word dick or the physical structure of a penis/dick.
Looby has D.O.S I hope I don't catch it!
by Coke man May 06, 2008

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