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3 definitions by Coitey

A male asian man who is irish, scottish and italian who can't play chess at all.
Coite: Yo man, that guy is terrible at chess...
Dan: Man, no wonder, he's a taytone!!!
by Coitey March 23, 2009
5 1
To define greatness of a particular event, object or person. (adjective)
"Sir, I do believe that is a fatty burger"
"Really!? That's awesome, let me have a bite!"
"Man, I took the fattiest dump"
"Oh boy, you sure did"
by Coitey January 13, 2010
7 9
When getting high. Performing a body bake trip with a mind trip. This results in a ridiculous form of tripping known as gripping.
Steve: What's with coite man...he's acting all funny!
Bryce: Oh man, hes tripping so hard...he be gripping!
by Coitey March 23, 2009
6 11