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a sound Fx, used when someone suddenly jerks their head to the side, as if they were tweaking.
Caffeine overload! *skizit*
by Coffe Man December 15, 2010
1.) When a first party sets forth a rapid 12 count burn, leaving the person who received the burn in an obliterated stupor.

2.) An aw inspiring burn.

3.) A insult that never should be used carelessly.
Burner: Damned, retarded, bitch, ass, mo' fo', eurotrash, yank, bum, cracker, quendo, punk, vic!

Burned: ...

Third Party:I didn't think a dodecaburn was possible!
by Coffe Man October 20, 2010
1. An amazingly beautiful Japanese girl, whose also the klutziest girl you'll ever meet.

2. An old video game that made it's way onto the Sega Genesis.
Traysia only you could trip over nothing.

A: Dude what video game is that?
B: Traysia.
by Coffe Man September 20, 2010

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