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1 definition by CodyCoyote

A retail chain store that focuses on the "dark rock?" subculture (at this point I don't know who Hot Topics core demographic is), like how Hollister focuses on the "surfing" subculture.

All in all not a bad store, prices are normally low, and I got this kick ass Iron Maiden shirt there for $10

But the employees can be a pain in the ass, always trying to sell you more stuff!

Probably the worst part of Hot Topic stores is that a good portion of the shoppers are idiots who think they're being induvidual by shopping at a chain store (which has a revenue of $761 million, how punk) and think they're being even more unique by wearing t-shirts of "obscure" bands like Slipknot (They were 2nd on the billboard charts, how underground) and ICP (who are a fucking franchise now, seriously they sell energy drinks)

But overall it's just like every other chain store, but it's a bit cheaper which is nice
(Example of overselling of Hot Topic employees)

Employe: Ok...hey can I interest you in the new Drake CD

Me: no...I just spent $10 here, fuck off

(example of stupid Mall Goths)

Mall Goth: I'm so original look at my slipknot shirt, no posers know about slipknot, they're so heavy and metal

Me: *slaps him* Bitch go buy a fucking Nile CD
by CodyCoyote July 21, 2010