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The worst thing to arrive in heavy music and the counter-culture in over 10 years. By being all about non-conformity and dressing the way they do they've created a style, another facet for people to conform to. Also, why they fret on past relationships and experiences is beyond me, anyone from any class and any nationality can have abusive parents, can have been in bad relationships and so on. Doesn't matter what scene you're part of, it happens to everyone. Emo kids just decide to make their lives revolve around their problems rather than make the best of the hand they were dealt and overcome their troubles like everyone else. They don't need to dress the way they feel (crappy) and they definitely don't need to set their whiny, talentless singing, and their all-out screaming to "music" (if you could call it that) that lacks real composing and skill. And I've really had enough of their reverse mullets!
emo is a reverse-mullet dyed red, black and blonde, piercings wherever they can be put, skin tight pants, wearing their little sister's shirt, wearing enough belts for 3 people...etc,etc.
by Cody1313 April 27, 2007

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