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2 definitions by Cody Spagrud

The group of people known as bro's. Bro's tend to dress the same because they dont have any creativity or style of their own. Hence, Bro-bots.
group of bros move in direction of metal party
Metal Bob: whoa... theres an army of... BRO-BOTS!
Metal Dave: Shit man, talk about attack of the clones!
bro's: YO digity-daaaaaaawg! Let us in.
Metal Bob: Hell no, no bro's allowed.
bro's: does not compute. system overload.
by Cody Spagrud May 10, 2007
Anything related to the actions, music, or bad choice of clothing/hair of bro's
metal bob: whoa! look at those guys, theyre all dressed the same.

metal dave: that is so fucking brotesque! fucking bro-bots
by Cody Spagrud May 10, 2007