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A person who is usually a teenager to somebody in their 20s, and often going to college at places such as UC Davis and San Francisco State. They usually like "indie music" and alternative music, often like to ride fixies, and when something they enjoyed goes "in" then they get frustrated because they hate being apart of the mainstream. They think they're above everybody else because they're different
when it's really just ironic because they're belonging to a group by being a hipster in the first place, which defeats the purpose they have to not be mainstream.
They often shop at thrift stores, like bands like arcade fire, but they won an award so I guess they're not "cool" anymore because they're mainstream. They spend a ton of money to look like hobos basically from going to thrift stores.
They wear oldass clothes to look "trendy".
They are often found all over San Francisco.
Their music often defines them.
Basically, they are going out of their way just to look different because different=cool
"Angelica Mercedes is such a hipster. She purposely tries to be different to be cool, but its sad because they are so many Goddamn hipsters in this school that being a hipster is mainstream"
by Cody Powers November 23, 2011

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