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1) Someone who gives a blowjob while still having his or her retainer in.
2) A preteen who engages in early sex because preteens are notorious for having braces.
Jeff is such a Retainer Banger I got a blowjob with plastic.

Mike is such a Retainer Banger his is only 15!
by Cody Jz August 20, 2008
A women or man who gets drunk, has sex with multiple partners and then passes out in the gutter like the fucking slut that they are. Usually applied to trashy as hell whores but can also apply to anyone who gets heavily drunk and heavily promiscuous.
Brianna "Look at the gutter slut, she looks so nasty down there in that gutter"
Kody "That is just Jenny she is such a whore it doesn't really matter"

Nikki "OMG a gutter slut, they don't look trashy"
Brianna "It's okay, they are probably just a one time gutter slut"
by Cody Jz August 20, 2008

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