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The greatest guitarist of all time. He changed the way the world looked at music, he changed the way I look at music. He inspired me to play guitar, as he has with many other people. I know i will never be as good at guitar as Jimi was, I probably won't be half as good as he was, but at least I can aim for 1/4 of his skill. God took away from this world what he gave this world, a god among us. If god was black, Jimi Hendrixs would be his son. Jimi is still alive, in our hearts, and in our souls. He will be remembered untill the end of the world as the man who changed it, made it better.
God needed a guitarist, so he took a god.
Fly on little wing.
Jimi Hendrix is immortal.
by Cody Denton June 25, 2006

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