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2 definitions by Cody "the hot" Dill

Hottest town alive. Beaches, bitches, and me. What else is necessary? Oh yeah, nothing.
Someone from Torrance/Manhattan Beach: "Dude I went down to Redondo Beach the other day. I wish I was BAMF enough to live there."

Someone else: "I heard Jesus was born there."

Another guy: "I heard chocolate chip pancakes were created there."

Someone else: "Dude, I heard that too."
by Cody "the hot" Dill October 11, 2007
Having a abnormally small male sexual appendage. Will often be used in a contradictory way.
Guy: "So Jake has caw?"

Other guy: "Yeah, he's got so much caw it's spilling out of his pants."

by Cody "the hot" Dill October 11, 2007