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An especially vial breed of woman. Also, an argumentative "twat" who has a secret desire to wield a penis.

Cunt wagon was first used in Boise, Idaho man they called "Twig". He coined to the phrase because no other word(s) would suitably describe the Cunt Wagon that he had to work with.

Cunt Wagon can be used as a verb, adjective or noun.
Listen closely you fucking CUNT WAGON.... I will not be paying for dinner without first seeing my balls upon your chin.

What happened?! Your sister just Cunt Wagoned me... the dirty whore.

How was football practice? It was Cunt Wagonesque....
by Cock_Bastard August 04, 2011
1. Slang for 'copulation recruiter' or 'wingman', probably part translation of Mexican Spanish Putarango] : a cocksman who rounds up prospective breeding aged females for himself and/or his fellow cocksmen .

Synonyms: Putero, taco-buster, fuckaroo, gash herder, vagiman, snatchhand, pusspoke, cuntpuncher, V-rover, snaucho, twatsman, vrancher, tunaman, taquero, pussy-roper, stinky hunter, snatch sniper, skank ranger, beaverkill, twatdogger, skank shepherd and hello vd.
Let's rock, paper, scissors for who has to ride 'Snatch Wrangler' tonight.
by Cock_Bastard August 04, 2011
Cunt is a vulgarism, utilized primarily to refer to the female genitalia. Specifically cunt refers to the vulva and the cleft of Venus.

Cunt is typically used in an informal manner as a derogatory epithet. In England "Cunt" can be used to refer to both sexes. Australians seem to utilize the word while referring to loathsome men or in a playful manner towards "mates". North Americans have preserved it's use for worthy females only.

Homosexuals sometimes use "cunt" or "cunty" as slang for something that is very unique or original especially fashion or music.
Cunt can be utilized in almost any part of speech.

Noun - "She is an extraordinary cunt, truly a world class cunt."
Verb - "My wife is busy spending my money and cunting about the city. I'm going to cunt her well tonight."
Adjective -"She was acting a bit cunty after dinner so I decided to fuck-start her face."
Pronoun - "Who is the cunt who drank the last of the milk?"
Gay - "O' My God! Germain, your pubic hair design is SO cunty! Now come over here and put your balls on my chin."

Cunt Rhymes:

There was a Canadian
Who loved to hunt
He loved it more than
Canadian Cunt
by Cock_Bastard August 05, 2011

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