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To make sure the people who would go to Wasteland parties would stick to the dresscode, which is supposed to be kinky and sexual, the organisation hired women who would stand at the door and tell people whether they could come in or not.

Normally this is a bouncers job, but since they're always mentally challenged and can't handle instructions that require a sound fashion judgement, the doorbitch was created.

Since these women quickly became notorious for verbal abuse and fucking up your night out in general, the term 'doorbitch' came into life.

However, other, less kinky organisations have started using them as well; Now&Wow has a couple of doorbitches, and Jimmy Woo of Supperclub both have transexual/crossdressing doorbitches.

Over the years the doorbitch has become an excellent idiot-avoidance tactic in nightlife, and although she makes a sellected (small) crowd miserable, te majority of normal clubbers enjoy a better atmosphere thanks to her careful selection of customers at the door.
"Dude, can't believe you got in!!!"

"Yeah, but only after the doorbitch told me to take of my Arsenal shirt and dance on it... what an absolute BITCH!!!"
by Cochese December 19, 2004
Infinite point (ticket) setting for BattleField1942.
15:54 <@cc-vortex> i just launch a server on my comp
15:54 * ChanServ sets mode: +l 13
15:55 <@cc-vortex> set tickets to infoinits
15:55 <@cc-vortex> and bomb away
by Cochese March 24, 2003
acronym for " being a bust"
usually used as an adjective: babby
as in,
1. "Dude, was the club bumpin? No dude, it was kinda babby...it was a sausage fest."
by cochese May 13, 2003
P Diddy's bitch;

Annoying, retarded speech issues, and a vague similarity to pvt. Gomer Pyle from Full Metal Jacket
"Remember that doughboy who was with P Diddy?"

"What? Notorious?"

"Nah man! Other doughboy; MASE!"
by Cochese December 19, 2004
A kick-ass hot bitch that gained notoriety on the Fok! network for basically being what she's really good at: A kick-ass hot bitch.
"FUCK that Insomaniac's hot, I'd fuck her any day of the week dude..."

"Man... straight up: You'd faint in anticipation the minute she would even look at your zipper..."
by Cochese March 07, 2005
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