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3 definitions by Cobra Lambent

A condition occurring mostly in (although not limited to) uncircumcised men as a result of not cleaning their genitals, particularly under their foreskin. Their lack of concern for personal hygiene results in their genitals producing a nasty fish smell. 90% of men with this condition will request oral sex while remaining oblivious to the fact that they have it.
That guy I hooked up with had a MAJOR case of fish dick.
by Cobra Lambent January 31, 2011
Not quite the king or queen of the cunts, but still pretty far up there.
That R.K. Rowling is a regular Count Cuntula.
by Cobra Lambent January 31, 2011
A fight over something so ridiculously stupid that it might as well be a fight between two old women whacking each other with their purses. Granny fights are not gender specific, and most often tend to happen between teenage heterosexual couples, or more often adult gay men. The term, however, is universal.
Robert and his boyfriend had a granny fight over Robert leaving the seat up.

Matt and Meg had a granny fight about Meg stealing all the covers.

Brian and Allen had a granny fight over which game console is better.
by Cobra Lambent April 24, 2010