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A gravity bong. Easily made using a two litre bottle and a bucket filled with water. You put a bowl in the top of the bottle and cut off the bottom of the two litre bottle. Then, you submerge the bottle in the water until the bowl is the only piece of the bottle that is not submerged in water. As you burn the marijuana you pull up the two litre bottle until it is filled with the sweet, sweet marijuana smoke. When the bottle is filled it should be a dark grey color because the smoke will be so thick. Next you take the bowl out, put your mouth over the bottle opening, and push the bottle down, thus quickly filling your lungs with a massive toke. If you do Hiroshimas correctly, it will only take a few hits to fuck you up.
Me and Jamal got fucked up after two Hiroshimas each.
by Cobert December 25, 2005

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