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(Pronounced Bun-tree) A very large African American man, typically used for security or enforcement where brute strength and swift violence is needed. Also the way the Bloods gang pronounce the word "country", with a B replacing the C.
note: Marion "Suge" Knight of Death Row records is one of the most norotious members of the Bloods gang. His #1 enforcer, rumored hitman and right hand man, Alton McDonald was nicknamed Buntry. He was murdered at a gas station in 2002.
"I tried to get into the club last night, but that Buntry at the door just wouldn't let me in."
by Coates45 April 19, 2009
(Pronounced Pock-allah)Used to describe any Spanish speaking individual, particularly Mexicans. Also the word itself may be used to fake-speak Spanish. see also Chachahamma
"I'd like to sleep in on Saturdays, but that goddamned Pakalla fires up the leaf blower at six AM!"
by Coates45 April 19, 2009
(Pronounced Cha-cha-ha-muh) A Mexican person who messes things up, usually with deadly consequences. This word can also be sung to mimic the Mariachi music they listen to. see also Pakalla
"Someone got crushed at the construction site yesterday. I guess that's what they get for hiring a Chachahamma to work the crane."
by Coates45 April 19, 2009
A balding male, typically well off and completely inconsiderate toward anyone below his paygrade or with more hair. A Beige Head is NOT bald, but balding. This gives the overall appearance of his hair a beige-like coloration.
"That stupid Beige Head in the Mercedez cut me off!"
by Coates45 April 19, 2009
A Medallion is a middle aged, hard living, caucasian man. They are typically found throughout the southwest and particularly where gambling and smoking in restaurants is legal, i.e.. Tahoe, Vegas, Reno, Tucson, Phoenix. They tend to be badly weathered from the sun and shirtless wherever permitted. Their name comes from the medallions they sport around their necks, usually a memento from one of their favorite gambling towns. These are sometimes accompanied by ridiculous turquoise rings and bracelets. Medallions are all chain smokers (meth, cigarettes, crack, carpet) and heavy drinkers (thunderbird, malt liquor, box wine, everclear, paint thinner)
" I can't park at the meter, I gave that Medallion at the 7/11 all my change!"
by Coates45 April 27, 2009

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