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See "dicksmoker"
Nathan exibits all signs of being a peterpuffer!
by coastworm October 08, 2003
someone who gets on thier knees for the boss!
Nathan is Don's dicksmoker!
by coastworm October 08, 2003
The fluid that is ejaculated from the eye of the penis (cock,dick,one eyed mullet,etc.) at the climax of male sexual activity.
When I got ready to shoot my lovebutter on her pussy hair she screamed shoot that lovebutter in my mouth!
by coastworm November 08, 2003
The cheese found under one's balls.
Nathan is a devoted devourer of famundacheese from the executives of the company for which he works.
by coastworm October 29, 2003
One who travels up and down the Gulf coast for a worthless company such as tesoro.
The coastworm worked with extreme loyalty and dedication for tesoro for 9 years,2 months,and 4 days just to be shit on like a fucking piece of newspapre!
by Coastworm October 17, 2003
Toilet paper, butt wipe. Brand name of butt wipe.
Nathan is known as charmin among the executives at tesoro.
by coastworm October 31, 2003
The outer layer of your body. A napkin, rolling paperfor cigarettes, that nasty layer round the tip of your dick.-------A man known to his friends as skin.
I need a skin to roll a spleef! nathan's face looks like a bad case of the skin! Ronnie at HOP's is known to all of his friends as "SKIN".
by coastworm October 31, 2003
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