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A completely self-absorbed tool who is completely oblivious to just how much they really suck. There are several varieties of Douche Bags, all equally deserving of being sodomized with a jack hammer. Some potential identifiers include:

Shitty trucks lifted excessively, often covered in stickers of random "bro-brands," often blasting mainstream rap music

Wearing flip-flops everywhere, even when it's 20 degrees outside

Brightly colored polo shirts (bonus points with a popped collar) usually with some hippy necklace, or a cross even though they only use religion to socialize with pseudochristian bimbos.

Wearing wifebeaters in public, sunglasses at night, stupid baseball caps with the sticker still on it, and excessively using the word bro.

Also Included: Most business majors and people with tribal tattoos.
Everyone knew John was a douche bag as soon as he rolled up in his lifted truck blasting lil wayne, parked halfway on the curb, and got out with a case of keystone light.

If that douche bag quotes family guy one more time, I'm going to use a power sander to wipe that stupid grin of his face.

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