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Variation of the dirty sanchez. a guy, while fucking a girl doggystyle, sticks his thumb in her ass. when she looks back at him, he wafts his thumb under his nose and smells it. this act is intended to be so disgusting that the girl vomits. named after a kid from Washington University in Saint Louis who forgot the ending of the dirty sanchez.
"so Ty was fucking me from behind, and then he gave me a dirty eddie. I had stew earlier in the evening, so he had some corn on his upper lip."
by Coach Arruza September 28, 2005
an organization comprised mostly of fat guys in backwards hats who think they are hard because they smell like a donkey's sweaty nutsack, enjoy kissing dudes, and dance to Will Smith like it's their job (I know kissing dudes and dancing to Will Smith are synonymous)

Although a highly secretive clan, O.P.D., scholars suggest, stands for one of the following: Overweight Pussy Douchebags; Oversized Penis Devourers; or Knuckle-Dragging, Anal-Probing, Cocksucking, Shiteating sacks of Rhinoceros spunk.
That guy has been receiving through a glory hole for the past twelve hours straight. He must be O.P.D.
by Coach Arruza September 28, 2005
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