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4 definitions by CoCo Butta 83

when a person has an outrageous amount of pubic hair....(in some circumstances can be used to decribe other hairy body parts)
Yo! Last night was popping until she removed her under garments and i saw that she was on teen wolf.
Her vagina needs a shower cap, her joint is on teen wolf.
by CoCo Butta 83 June 22, 2011
34 18
a female condition in which her pubic hair grows back thicker almost instantly after removal.
Did you see her bikini line? She must suffer from hairy monkeyvitis.
Dang bruh! My girl just got waxed and her vagina is already on teen wolf. She's got hairy monkeyvitis.
by CoCo Butta 83 June 22, 2011
6 0
when a woman (or man/dadt) allows semen to enter and remain in there digestive system also refered to as catching a load.
Damn cuz i wouldnt be kissing her like that. she had a throat baby or 3 last night.
by CoCo Butta 83 June 22, 2011
7 4
life altering fellatio also known as a TPE(traumatic penile experience).

*Term was created in the hallow halls of Building 3716, Landstuhl, Germany*
Man i spent $84 dollars at the movies last night, but that golden neck was worth it.
Hey man, that golden neck made me lose my hearing for 3 mins last night.
by CoCo Butta 83 June 22, 2011
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