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another term used to describe someone who's died, as first used in the "dead parrot" sketch of Monty Python.
He's run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible
by Co-stanza August 30, 2010
another word for the tv remote
Give the changelator, i wanna watch football
by Co-stanza February 23, 2010
stephen going to the gray bar hotel for robbery
by Co-stanza January 13, 2011
a phrase used as a last ditch attempt to avoid blame for killing something. First used by Monty Python in the infamous "dead parrot" sketch.
#1: "I'm here to get my dog"

#2: "Here you go"

#1: "Holy crap it's dead"

#2: "No it's not, it's just pining for the Fiords"
by Co-stanza August 16, 2010
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