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A made up beverage from starbucks, typically used sarcastically to poke fun at the actual ridiculous drinks people order that are too confusing for normal people (dunkin donut drinkers) to remember and/or say.
Bob: "Hey Tim, I'm doing a starbucks run! Want anything?"

Tim: "Uh, what are you getting?"

Bob: "A Venti Non-fat Peppermint Chai Mocha Latte, skin milk, no cream light on the foam with an extra shot of expresso. And you?"

Tim: "UH....hit me up with a... frappa-lappa caramel machiatto mocha shake, I guess?"

Bob: "You dissapoint me."
#drink #beverage #latte #machiatto #expresso
by clynnroff December 01, 2009
N. - An interchangeable word with "Darn", "Rats!" or "Shoot!". Generally an expression used to convey aggravation or anger.
"Oh, SHITONMYDICK! I think I just lost my phone...."

"Oh my god, we just missed the last train! Shitonmydick."
#darn #damn #shoot #fuck #shit #fuck my life (fml)
by Clynnroff October 19, 2009
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