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Also known as a wedgie, where the underpants are drawn/forced/pulled/slipped up into the butt crack.
That hungry bum they gave Clarence in gym class left a big skid mark on his gauchies.
by Cluin September 03, 2003
Getting farted on during sex. (A sirocco is a hot wind from the desert)
Fuck, I got grossed out last night, dude! I was going the growl on my girl friend and she totally gave me a blue sirocco. She blamed it on the chili she had for lunch, but I think she did it on purpose.
by Cluin September 02, 2003
A fairly specific word of limited application, it refers to the foreign matter (pine needles, leaf bits, bugs, poleen, etc.) that collects and floats in drinking water or soup or tea or coffee while you are camping. You strain or skim it off before you ingest the good stuff.
Tea's ready, hon! You'll have to skim the kife off yourself, but don't worry... it just adds extra vitamin K.
by Cluin February 28, 2004

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