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Whe a girls legs are up over her head, the male standing facing away from the woman, bounces up and down and the penis is inserted with vigorous thrusting movements.
I would like to give you a flying meat reverse tomahawk baby, you'll orgasm for hours.
by Clucth Haskins October 20, 2007
Relating to a jigabboo's (negro,african-american,spook, porch-monkey) head that has corn row patterns, fake extension, afro, various slang cut into the head, and all other variations of nappiness that can be acheived from having a very versitile tight knit hair growth.
Look at the fly patterns and extensions that home-girl has on her head man, she looks like a Jiggaboo chia pet. Cha-cha-cha-cha-chia.
by Clucth Haskins January 04, 2008
An AK47 round 7.62 X 39mm that seems to find its way around corners and all over the place.
Got to watch out for those bagdad bullets, those rag head mother fuckers don't know how to shoot, all the do is spray and prey. Stupid fuckers!!!
by Clucth Haskins November 21, 2007
A bunch of hoe's more than a few females hanging out out the sameplace acting in the manner of a hoe.
This nightclub is just one big white hoe skank fest.
by Clucth Haskins September 12, 2007
The viscous smelly moisture or goo in-between the nut sack/vagina and bung hole/asshole. This region is also commonly refered to as the taint, or grundle area. Also in association with fromunda cheese.
Man after working a long hard day the Stink Jam on my taint is really foul.
by Clucth Haskins November 21, 2007
In the same fashion of the famous prairie dog an Ass Guppy is a protruding turd playing turtle, turtle, when you have to shit real bad.
As I sit upon the bowl the Ass guppy being finally released to finally become a floating cosby, I'm finally relieved.
by Clucth Haskins September 11, 2007
To aimlessly shoot multiple bullets with no discernable skill or purpose. Particulary a common trait found amongst the struggling african american community (homeboy sights weapon canted to the side)wiggers, bad action movies, and rag heads whom spray the bagdad bullets. See bagdad Bullets.
Mother fukin hodgey (Rag head) came around the corner atempting to spray and pray he would hit something, so I double tapped two into his chest, stupid fucker
by Clucth Haskins November 21, 2007
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