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1. A large bunk with four rooms and one center room, where 35 girls and 9 counselors (eventually becoming sisters and mommies) live for two months.

2. A place where everyone knows who their true friends are.

3. 35 girls that only eat cup noodles, easy mac, and extreme amounts of candy.

4. Crazy girls who would prefer running around the camp naked in the rain than the stupid camp activites.

5. Where all the camp spirit really lays.

6. The only place where counselors come in in the middle of the night, blind fold us, and take us half way around the camp, just to get to the tennis courts right next to the bunk.

7. People who spend their days making shirts and the nights looking at the stars, reflecting on their summer, and crying at just the thought leaving this place they call home.

8. This is the place where green and white is found, and the memories that we share here will last a life time.
The last time i saw those clubhouse 2006 girls was when they all ran outside naked in the rain and never went to bed!
by Clubhouse Girl December 20, 2006

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