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1 definition by CloverJoker

A gang in the Tampa area that has recently been growing. Started back in June of 2010 this gang has attracted many members due to its new status. The gang is not an ethnic group gang, as it consists of blacks, whites, and hispanics.Same as any street gang, they sell a variety of illegal drugs and participate in vandalism and other acts of recklessness. Their color is kelly green, or regular green for those who are not specific on colors. Ways to identify a Joker have not all been gathered, but many have noticed they carry the green bandana and trichecker their laces with green, purple, and black. To checker the laces in their fashion is unknown and most likely a gang secret.
Guy1: Hey bro is that guy over there have a green bandana in his back pocket?
Guy2: DUDE you're right. Does he have those checkered laces?
Guy1: I don't know man let's try to get a different view
Guy2: He's got the laces, and so do those other people next to him. BRO that's like 7 Jokers over there!
Guy1: Lets get outta here bro I don't wanna get in trouble
Guy2: Yea man let's split
by CloverJoker September 20, 2010