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A Sweedish clothing retailer which operates internationally. Established in 1947, H&M sells "cheap chic" or reasonably stylish clothing at low prices.
H&M: "Fashion and quality at the best price"
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by Clothing Critique July 28, 2006
Japanese clothing company which was started by Hidehiko Yamane. Evisu jeans are particually sought after due to their exclusiveness and the fact that they are hand-made. Often very expensive, as authentic evisu jeans can cost upwards of $200 for a pair.
I just spent my last paycheque on a pair of evisu jeans. I'm broke now, but these jeans were worth it.
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by Clothing Critique July 22, 2006
An American clothing chain which caters to young adults, mainly the college aged crowd. They sell vintage styled clothing, including ripped jeans and faded shirts. Considered to be of "All-American" East-Coast style. They also own Hollister Co. and Ruehl No 925.

However, there are some points that need to be made:
Firstly, A&F is not truly preppy. Try Lacoste, Polo etc, not to mention the bright colored clothing preps may wear (i.e pink, lime shirts etc)
Secondly, A&F is not overpriced (in terms of all clothing). European fashions will cost you at least 2x as much for a similar item at A&F. A&F isnt really designer clothing, persay. Want expensive jeans? Try dishing out $200 for diesel or even $400 for Dolce and Gabbana.

Bottom line: If you dont like A&F, then dont wear it.
Abercrombie and Fitch: Casual Luxury
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by Clothing Critique August 07, 2006
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