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A popular mmorpg in communties like harlem and del ray where the local population gathers online to deal drugs smack insolent bitches and insult white culture. Many quests involve "jumpin whities" "purchasing smack" "rapping and bball" and "hittin up KFC" In the world of Nigcraft you can not advance levels as your character is always black. The most popular place to collect gold in WoN is to knockin over the local 7 Eleven. In WoN you can gain mana by using your "40 oz" and to gain health you should "pop a blunt" The leaderboards of WoN are mainly composed of those who maxed out their bball level. Famous celebrities with known WoN accounts include. Bill Cosby-FuNnYNiig69 T-Pain KNEeGROWPWNER819 and Arethra Franklin SAgggYTeETs777
yo man last night me and da homies was playin some world of nigcraft with some of the homies and then we saw 5-0 so uber pwned those noobs with our gats
by Closet Azn February 09, 2008

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