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The act of having sexual intercourse while falling through the air, like an eagle.
In Brazil, sky diving instructors are notorious for doing it eagle style with anyone who comes around looking for a tandem skydive. They are the sluts of the sky.
by Clive Owens April 05, 2009
Northern Californian slang for a turkey sandwich which includes heart-stopping amounts of mayonnaise. Used as population control for Subway sandwhich eaters.
Paramedic: "Damn I hate Subway"


Paramedic: " I have had to go there 5 times in the last month to pick up the bodies of turko eaters."
by Clive Owens July 09, 2009
An abbreviation meaning There Is No God. Popularly used to declare a person's atheism.
Theist: I hate gays. God says it's a sin to lie with another man. And there different.

Atheist and tolerant dude: Man, stop mindlessly following a 2000 year old book which at every turn is contradicted by science, logic, and basic morality. Gays are the same as you and me, they just like men. They don't have any choice in their orientation and besides what they do in the sanctity of their own home is their own concern. TISNG
by clive owens June 23, 2009
When a person attempts to deepthroat a man while shitfaced and vomits all over the penis, but continues performing oral sex anyway.
Dude, I love white lightning...

by clive owens July 04, 2009

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