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A ClitNinja is someone who consistently manages to bed women yet appears to friends and family to be a shy retiring self conscious introvert.

ClitNinja is a term given to he who does not conform to the status quo of being needlessly attractive yet still manages to close the deal time and time again.
"did you see that geek just leave with the fittest girl in the club?.. Guy must be a serious ClitNinja"
by ClitNinja March 13, 2010
Whe a homeless person deficates in a public area the resulting fecal matter is know as a Tramp Egg.
Oh my days did you see the size of that tramp egg!! i think im guna be sick..
by ClitNinja February 16, 2011
To preform a Dank Wank is to hide in a cave and release carefully timed wads of man matter on unsuspecting pot holers or spelunkers.

It is not uncommon for a Dank Wank to take upto a week to complete so make sure you have the relevant nourishment to last this time.

This is an advanced move and should not be attempted by amateurs as there is a high risk of injury to ones self during and post act.
I was there for nine days but it was all worth it in the end.. Text book Dank Wank right in the face.. didnt even see it coming!!
by ClitNinja February 16, 2011

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