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A small urban city in Essex county Massachusetts, that has about 20,000 people. For it's size, Amesbury has a large downtown. Due to Amesbury's unproportional amount of apartments and public housing, the city tends to be poorer than other simular cities. The core of Amesbury lacks new or maintained businesses, and as a result, you can find ample of abandoned buildings and trashy/sketchy convenient stores and pizza shops in Amesbury. Along with this, crime also tends to be higher in Amesbury especially with domestic violence, assault, drug possession/dealing, and theft. Amesbury is also home to four halfway houses which hold previous rapists, drug dealers, robbers, murderers and other ex-criminals. Although people who live in Amesbury generally see it as an okay place, outsiders often perceive it to be "white trashy". Along with the ghetto parts of Amesbury (downtown, the mills, macy terrace, whitehall road, market street and oakland industrial park) there are many nice and occasionaly affluent areas such as the areas on the border of Newburyport or Merrimac.
Jim: Hey Max, where are you from?
Max: Amesbury.
Jim: But you have kids! That place is like a ghetto Newburyport! shouldn't you live somewhere nicer?
Max: You know, it's really not that bad.
Jim: That's what they all say.

Max: Have you even been there?!?
by ClipperCitySwag April 02, 2013

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