28 definitions by Clinton Ziza Smith

Pointman the (opposite of a cockblocker) is a player or alpha male who starts macking while the wingman covers the grenade or macks to the other women nearby in clubs or other settings
a wingman notices the clubs women the pointman starts macking to the girls while the wingman helps the pointman to score.
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 11, 2006
bootsee is a person who flaunts themself and shows off all their money and tells all their stories who may not play humble and can get himself in trouble with the feds by tslking about what they do. bootsee may show off and really cant back themselves up a person may also pretend to be bootsee but still that is a stupid game move to play . bootsee is bobo and a sucker
bootsee is telling everyone he has got a chip in the phone and giving credit to baseheads for his twenty bucks in their pocket bootsee then goes and spends their twenty bucks on goldigger for her nails to get done so bootsee turns into captain save a ho and may spend the change of the twenty to put an s on my chest
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 21, 2006
The game the player shows on the outside. the macking portrayal.
The player smiles showing their outer game being spit.
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 20, 2006
Pivot is a person who will help the pointman and wingman get hooked up with other girls.
Pivot whom walks in mentions a few good words about the wingman and pointman.
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 12, 2006
A jealous guy who would cokblock and be a bad sport trying to ruin the chances of others spitting game to a girl since they can't get no play. Also known as a cockblocker who would prevent you from getting anywhere with a female.
you are taling to a girl and the cockblocker player hater interupts the conversation and destroys you chances of getting laid.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006
What the player is thinking inside his head, is he feeling nervous? what moves should he do?
the girl asks if he is trying to pick up on her, the player stalls for a minute since he got caught off gaurd from what his inner game plan was
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 20, 2006
some bomb ass good smelling looking feeling is healthy and not used or abuse tight with no lips dragging out. muscles of her vagina clenching. shanking it like a salt shaker when popping it during intercourse. gynecologist would think it is the most healthy he has ever seen before and after you hit it. make sure it is virgin too. the kind where you try to last longer but you couldn't hold it i no longer
when you have had alot of sex you notice some girls take better care of themselves the kind that doesn't smell bad is found to be healthier they aren't fighting off infections and they keep their vaginas clean some bitches had the bomb ass pussy but some bitches didn't
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006

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