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A sexual act where the male attaches a strap-on to his head and undergoes fornication while the female is menstruating.
"Dude, I heard Chris gave Lisa a bloody unicorn last night!"
by Clint Torris July 20, 2007
A very short and lame drift in a shitty car. They usually vary from about 5 to 13 inches in length and last a second or two. Very unimpressive and stupid. Also gives the samdrift-er self-granted bragging rights, which are extremely annoying, especially to those who may actually know what the fuck they're doing.

If you comment on how lame it is, there may be a sameo followed by being samstanced.
A good way to learn how to samdrift is to play Initial D.
by Clint Torris March 25, 2007
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