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When at an intersection, something that is 'kitty corner' to another will be on the opposite quadrant diagonally from the other. If you had, for example, the emipre state building on the top left, the sears tower on the top right, the freedom tower on the bottom left, and the transamerica tower on the bottom right-- the empire state building would be 'kitty corner' to the transamerica tower.
The clothin store is 'kitty corner' to the the market
by Clifton April 09, 2005
Paper, dead prez, cash money.
I stay making scrillz
by clifton April 13, 2003
the state of being crumpt or otherwise off tha' hook; action proceeding the jump off
Let's hit up that ho at the club and get it perkilatin'.
by clifton April 13, 2003
virgin nappy snatch
Damn fool, you ate too much twizzle.
by clifton April 13, 2003
short for "captain", also term for ugly men with long noses and beady eyes
hey look it's cappy!
by clifton September 13, 2003
see cult; a church for the Catholic religion, tries to cover up that Jesus had a kid, and that they would kill if that ever got out,
The Catholic church is now and always was a fag house. see priest;
by clifton March 17, 2005

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