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A term similar to the familiar television term "Jumping the shark". It is a term which references the popular TV show Jericho, a dramatic serial drama which completed its first season with a cliffhanger ending, only to leave its fan base up in arms when it was canceled without resolution.


1) When a television network ends a popular serial drama without completing it's story arc.

2) When a television network ignores it's customers demands for a renewed season of a popular TV show.

3) When a network, after a poorly decided cancellation, drops a quick-fix episode or mini-series to try to tidy up the remaining plot lines. Similar to Jerry-rigged.

Suggested usage:
1) I really hate that my favorite TV show just got Jericho'ed.

2) As much as everyone liked the series, the network decided to leave it Jericho'ed.

3) I really enjoyed that TV series, but then they canceled it and Jericho'ed a finale.

by Clifford Treend May 24, 2007

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