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1) To be proven wrong or insulted by a lengthy inellectual arguement, most oftenly quoted from wikipedia.

2) To be owned by Bloody Scalpel (a.k.a. Leandro) on the Ultimate Metal forums
Soy: Titles of works or albums are italicized in english.

Bloody Scalpel: Bullshit. Grammar doesn't include drawing style. That's a convention. You can't say his english is incorrect for not writing it in italics. For example, how can you tell italicized words in handwriting? Or, in a forum, when you quote someone, everything's in italics.

Clffburton: Wow, Leandrowned.
by Cliffburton June 20, 2007
Loud neighborhood children who paly outdoors early in the morning, waking up anyone sleeping in houses close by.
I was up late last night, and was woken up early by some jumangi kids 2 houses over.

Fuck ing jumanji kids have a trampoine, and keep waking me up every morning being loud.
by Cliffburton August 03, 2006
To ejaculate into a martini glass.
We made passionate love all night, then I drank his Jizz Martini
by Cliffburton October 13, 2008

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