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Sort of like a high-end Jeep - a luxurious, gas guzzling, low quality, unreliable pile of crap. The difference is that Land Rovers are for people who don't know how to fix it themselves, but actually *can* afford to pay someone else to do it - a yin to the Jeep driver's yang.

They are usually driven by people whose elitism wouldn't allow them to drive a far more reliable, far higher quality, and equally off-road-capable Japanese 4x4. Land Rovers are particularly favored by middle aged men who remember waaaay back when Land Rovers were actually better than other off-road vehicles. They longed for one as a child, so now they remain in denial about the unpleasant reality of their dream car.

The main trait all Land Rover enthusiasts share is a desperate need to feel and express superiority over Americans and/or Japanese.

Women who choose Landies do so for the only reason any woman chooses any car - they like the way it looks. This is by far the most logical reason to drive a Land Rover - you go girls!

Contrary to popular myth, Land Rovers are never driven by people on safari - or anyone who needs reliable transportation more than a few miles from the dealership. A few people tried it, but they were all eaten by lions.
Land Rover Driver: "Gosh look at all those poor Jeep drivers. They aren't truly hardcore consumers like me. I spent *so* much more on my clunker than they did on theirs"

Range Rover Passenger: "What? I can't hear you over all the noise coming from engine bay."

Land Rover Driver: "I said... Oh, never mind, honey. We need to go pick up the kids from soccer practice. Now, how do I ask the SatNav for direction again?"
by Cliff Tan July 17, 2008

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