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n. A light-hearted, willfully inconsiderate smart-ass act; an attempt to humiliate or embarrass, shame or slam another.

n. A figurative pimpsmack.

v. The act of pimpysmacking another.

Sentence: Wow/Haaa/Awww/Oooh/Ohh/Ha...pimpysmack!
Player 1: tea-bags Player 2
"Ha! Pimpysmack, bitch!"

Player 2: "Get off me, muthafucka!"

John: "Sarah, what's up for Friday?"

Sarah (John's new interest): "Nothin' as of now. Whatcha thinkin?"

Matt (friend next to John): "Hey dude...forgot to ask, can I get that cream back?"

John (to Matt): "Wow...pimpysmack!

Matt laughs

John smirks: "Sure...laugh now."
by Clevercaligirl February 17, 2011

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