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abbreviation for Latin- "Quam Effusio Deleo," or 'How one annhialates enthusiasm, excitement, interest.' when someone uses this term in any form, understand they are trying to put you to sleep and violate you while you drowse, and probably take your wallet, regardless of how smart they sound, that drone you're hearing is only a substitute for the hypnotist's watch.
Professor Blumpkin finished his thesis with "and so you can clearly understand what I have demonstrated. It is simple, Q.E.D. The next thing I knew someone from the back row of the lecture hall was yelling, "Yo, Jimmy, look out" I roused myself to see Blumpkin removing his hand from my crotchal area. "What?" He protested, "I had just dropped my laser pointer, is all."
by Clevelend Steamer, PHD May 10, 2008
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