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A female vagina with k-9 teeth behind the inner labia. Commonly contracted by having sexual intercourse with a chimpanzee or a black man. Commonly fond in central Africa.
Elizabeth you realy need to brush ur woobachuckie you don't want to get cavities or gingavitis
by Clearance Drinkwater July 02, 2006
a sentual expierience in which a gay man pets the lower ''gooch'' below the genetalia of his intimate gay partner. this is commonly known as a after dinner mint. these were both created by tyler andrew clark a famous gay kama sutra specialist. he also created the stinky charles and sunkin row boat see definitions for full results.
1. "hey samuel whats 2nd base for a gay guy"
"silly you know damn well... a little undernut"

2."want an after dinner mint or should we just shove it in"
by Clearance Drinkwater July 03, 2006
An old trick created by Keith Richards on an early tour.Harmonics are created on the guitar by having a women hover their vagina over the designated fret. He once did it live on stage. He was later arrested for it.
Hey Keith instead of using your finger use Francine's hairy pink taco...we'll call it vagina harmonics

Incest is gross...but vagina harmonic are hot
by Clearance Drinkwater July 22, 2006
a sexual act when you place a table spoon full of preferably sourcream on the tip of ur intimate partners anus and then preform anal intercourse with your nose
simon burtch became known by first preforming the sunkin rowboat with hidey cloom
by Clearance Drinkwater July 02, 2006
Usually done as a dare by drunk white 20 year old horny males it is when a person goes in the water and shits in the water to attract sharks. When the sharks arrive the other males tie it down upside down and proceed to put salsa in the sharks vagina or asshole. The males then proceed to put his penis inside the ass and fuck it til the cows come home. Usually they then letthe shark nibble their penis. This ususally ends in the decapitation of the penis' head
Hey Jimmy you're wasted! Lets go get some Great White Delight

I've got all this salsa...LETS GO FUCK A SHARK!!!

Im bored....LETS GO FUCK A SHARK!!!
by Clearance Drinkwater July 22, 2006

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