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The most ronchy and racy pornography ever filmed; first aired in the "Lord of the rings" South Park episode.
Hey man, did you ever see Armanget-it-on, I heard it was the best Porno ever!!

No way, Back Door Suts Nine is the best porno ever!!
by clavis jotey November 10, 2004
An Asian delicacy in which the scrotum of a young deer is prepared in a lite soy sauce and ginger root mixture, the pubes are removed vilolently via single extraction methods pior to castration. It is sauteed for twety minutes, and then steamed and inserted up the anus for maxiumen pleasure in its consumption.
You try that mule deer dickloaf.
Naw man, I prefer whitetail myself.
Oh, don't be a cumtunnel.
by clavis jotey October 29, 2004
The untimate defensive insult, complementing "your spleen." It implies that you are being a d-bag and should go anally violate yourself.
Dude #1:Hey man, why dont you go do your mom!
Dude#2: Why dont you go sit on a dildo!
by clavis jotey November 09, 2004
What you call someone when they are being a d-bag; also a synonym for a pile of shit.
You piece of dump; if you do that again I'm going to kick your ass.
by clavis jotey November 09, 2004
The ultimate comeback to any "your mom" or "your face" jokes. It's power exceedes any other comeback and it can not be rivaled.
Tom: You suck ass!
Bill: Your mom sucks ass!
Tom: Well your mom's face sucks ass!
Bill: Your mom's face's spleen sucks ass!

*Tom gets served*
by clavis jotey November 09, 2004
The male reproductive organ; a tunnel used for transporting jizz; usually referred to in the company of cumdumpster.
Dude, you really fucked the shit out of her cumdumpster with your cumtunnel.
by Clavis Jotey November 03, 2004
A unit for measuring pixels on a computer screen; there are 7.3 midgeons in a centimeter.
NOOOOO, move you mouse to the left 19 midgeons to close that fucking window!
by clavis jotey November 15, 2004
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