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Kissimmee is a town near Disney & Orlando, filled with many different types of people. You can get a Trailer in Kissimmee or a 4 million dollar mansion depending on what part you're in. The nice parts are, well nice & the more undesirable parts are just undesirable. Kissimmee has a pretty cool shopping spot called 'The Loop' just stay away from it on weekends, sense on weekends it is overran by little middle schoolers who think they're all grown. There's also another mall called 'The Osceola Square Mall' but in my opinion it needs to just be knocked down. There are 2 Wal Mart's in Kissimmee, the one on 192 is the more chic & classy one & the one on Osceola Parkway is full of annoying Hispanics, not saying that's all it is BUT there is defiantly a majority there. In all, Kissimmee is a pretty cute town.
Hey, where do you live?
How do you spell that?
by Classy Reviews October 04, 2011

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