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He will probably eliminate me for revealing his true identity, but Gene Snitsky is actually a mobile TMD Unit manufactored somewhere in a secret army installation in Pennsylvania. He was allowed to enter the WWE as a professional wrestler on the basis that he not reveal himself. However, his first interview gave him away, and I don't think I was the only one to notice. The monotone voice, the "Sorry JR but my sensors indicate that it was not my fault" (what he meant to say) was a sure fire giveaway. Suspicions were increased further by a recent Monday Night Raw episode where Snitsky got in the ring and proceeded to robot dance. Snitsky is very defensive about his true idenity and one should be very carefull when using the term "robot" or anything close to it.
JR - Snitsky is in the ring robot dancing!
(Snitsky stops dancing and gets very serious.)
Snitsky - Are you calling me a robot?
JR - No I'm just saying you were doing the robot.
Snitsky - What's it to you?
(Stinger missiles appear out of his back.)
JR - Uhhhh nothing?
Snitsky - Exactly.
by Clarkies December 15, 2004

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