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Baker Street is the only station on the London Underground network where you can change from the pink line (Hammersmith & City)to the brown one (Bakerloo). Go figure it out.
I changed at Baker Street with missus last night. That woke her up.
by Clarkers January 02, 2004
A perjorative term of abuse we used to use at Oxford to describe the locals (ie non-students) who were generally viewed by us as dim, poor, unfashionable, dangerous and ugly. Maturity has given me a new perspective, and I appreciate now that actually we were the stupid c**ts.
Townie: Large doner with extra meat
Oxford student: Look here old chap, I think you'll find I was here before you
Townie: F**k off back home you stupid c**t
by clarkers January 02, 2004
A woman who looks so young she ought to be pushing a pram around a council estate in the shittiest part of town.
What nice tatoos, pramface. Did you do them yourself?
by Clarkers January 02, 2004

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