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A long-distance relationship in which the couple only gets together for idyllic vacation-like excursions, therefore avoiding the "real-life" issues of dating.
"She met this guy online last summer, but he lives in Austin and doesn't want to move, so they've struck up this very intense vacationship."
by Clarity70 July 24, 2006
A TV news term, an acronym that stands for "voiceover/sound on tape." This is a story in which the news anchor reads copy while video plays, and then a short soundbite plays while the anchor stops reading, and then the anchor reads the end of the story. Also spelled vo/sot or vo/b for "voiceover/bite."
"Channel 8 ran a vosot about the fire; the restaurant owner came on and said it started in the kitchen."
by Clarity70 July 23, 2006
A person who engages in frequent Internet searches for references to his/her name as a means of boosting self-esteem.
"She pretends not to care about all the articles written about her awards, but when nobody's around, she's a total self-googler."
by Clarity70 July 24, 2006
Similar to a media whore, except desperate enough to seek attention even when there's no chance of monetary gain. (At least a whore gets paid.)
"That PR agent is such a media slut that she'll show up at other people's press conferences just hoping for a chance to make a statement."
by Clarity70 July 24, 2006
An acronym, loosely formed from the phrase "slow-moving people."
"It took me forever to get off the train; the platform was jammed with smoops who were in no hurry to get anywhere."
by Clarity70 July 23, 2006

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