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derog. A white urban tough, of working class or lower middle class origins.
Punk rockers, minorities, and homosexuals avoided the small corner park, where hey-mas gathered on Saturday nights, stewing in their boredom, waiting to stir up violence.
by Clancy Teargarten August 03, 2003
(1) A garrulous, glib person. (2) A person whose importuning makes them impossible not to notice.
I was trying to have a nice conversation with my friend, but the aebi just kept rabbeting on until we paid attention to her.
by Clancy Teargarten August 04, 2003
(1) An ineffectual person. (2) A person who cannot deliver on promises. (3) A person suffering dysthymia and resultant inertia. After M. Baldi, putative literary agent.
The baldi had said that she would get to the manuscript within two weeks, but hadn't done so after three months, failing in the meantime to respond to numerous letters and phone calls.
by Clancy Teargarten August 03, 2003

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