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A "know it all" that actually knows very little. Talks a lot but says very little of value. Every word out of his or her jaw is most often best ignored, especially if you can't sort through the crap.
He gives a wonderful first impression but once you get to know him you'll realize what a real fuck jaw he is.
by Clancey Lufkin May 04, 2006
A person who is not clever enough to come up with a witty quip during internet conversation. Instead they must resort to finding fault with a posters spelling and grammar or lack there of. Though a word Nazi may do well in academic pursuits they generally lack spirit and soul, and will most likely end up in hell or at very least in bad marriages.
Susan was having a wonderful time in her chat group until the word Nazis should up.
by Clancey Lufkin May 04, 2006
A lazy person. Very old slang. Generally out of use.
"He might seem like he's working hard but he's really a glue foot."
by Clancey Lufkin May 04, 2006
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