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someone who passes out while masturbating usually leaving their door open for people to see.
Jason Hames is sucha fuckin snoozlepoo.
by Clammy MacDougal May 16, 2003
Feeling prone to fist someone.
Honey, I'm feeling fisty tonight, so spread 'em.
by Clammy MacDougal June 22, 2004
the disease of have sand in ones vagina symptoms include whining, pouting, and an overall case of little bitchness
man that guy irvin has sandisvaganismis
by clammy macdougal June 22, 2004
One of the many ways to misspell the word "shits".
Excuse me, sir. You say you're not hiring me because I spelled "shits" wrong on my application? Well shist.
by Clammy MacDougal June 10, 2003
snatch so good that it makes you dizzy.
Damn, that girl's got a whack clamato.
by Clammy MacDougal May 14, 2003
immature japanimation freak who has a penchant for buggery.
Stanley Alowishes Prue III
by Clammy MacDougal May 16, 2003
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