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1 definition by Clamhill

Once classy brand which my doctor neighbor owned in the 80's but has now transformed and became popular amongst gangster wannabees and fat trashy girls named Autumn who wish they could afford one.

They have brought a bad name to the brand just because they want or WISH they owned one yet can't and will never be able to afford it...

Being associated with such trash Cadillac brand has now become a joke since the only people who like them now are gangstas, poor blacks from the hood or obese lesbian girls with their eyes set on Cadillac despite never being able to afford one.

Therefore, this brand has gained a bad reputation being associated with poor white trash and the brand has declined since white trash admires it.

Caddies have gone DOWN HILL.

The new models are for more well off people but still look like big boats- older models are popular amongst ugly fat gangsta wannabees named sonny and obese girls named autumn ( though they cant even afford old ones)

sonny said i wish i could own a cadillac but im too poor.. you forgot you also have no taste in cars.

Cadillacs have gone downhill since trash has started to like them.

by Clamhill May 06, 2008