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A pretentious method of signing one's email by simply using the first letter of the first name of the author(example: Healey would sign with an H). The pretentiousness comes from the fact that the author expects that everyone will know who sent it, and that the author is also so important and busy that he doesn't have time to write out his full name. The douchebaggery of the signature comes from the fact that none of the aforementioned circumstances are true, and the "H" usually comes at the end of a senseless and boring diatribe on something inane and unimportant.
Hey guys,

My business fraternity just won the spelling bee!Props to them. Also a guy next door is selling sweet pastel shirts at a 10% discount, which anyone with some business sense knows is a great deal. Anyways I've got a MGMT 100 meeting to go to but remember that I am super funny!

by Clairvoyant Truth July 11, 2006

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